About the Project

What is the Transportation System Plan?

The Transportation System Plan (TSP) provides a long-term guide for County transportation investments. The plan evaluates the current transportation system and outlines policies and projects that are important to protecting and enhancing the quality of life in Linn County. Plan elements can be implemented by the County, private developers, and state or federal agencies. A TSP is required by the State of Oregon to help integrate our plans into the statewide transportation system.

Linn County is beginning the process to identify opportunities to improve our current transportation system and develop a fiscally realistic forecast of what it may look like through 2035. The plan will balance the needs of walking, bicycling, driving, transit and freight into an equitable and efficient transportation system. The TSP can also be a tool for reflecting community values and protecting what makes Linn County a great place to call home, do business, and visit.

Project Process

The Transportation System Planning process includes a number of steps:

Setting Goals & Objectives: This step asks the community to identify its needs and how the transportation system might help solve existing problems and shape the way the County looks and works in the future.

Evaluating Existing and Future Transportation Conditions: Ensure the existing conditions and deficiencies of the Linn County transportation system are accurately documented. Identify and analyze the conditions that will impact Linn County’s transportation system in 2035, such as growth and changing demand.

Developing Transportation Solutions: Identify evaluation criteria to measure whether projects are appropriate to include in the TSP.  Develop and evaluate solutions and projects for the identified needs of the transportation system through 2035. The Evaluation Criteria will be used to determine the ‘best fit’ transportation system to satisfy the Goals and Objectives of the TSP.

Developing a Draft TSP: The solutions and projects that best meet the project goals, objectives and evaluation criteria will be incorporated into a Draft TSP.