New Documents! Existing Conditions and Future Forecasting Methodology

The final draft versions of the next two memos are available now in the Project Library.  These memos present the core of the analysis for the TSP update process.

Memo #5: Existing Conditions, tells the story of the current Linn County transportation system.  It includes discussions on mobility, access, and safety for people traveling throughout the County.  It also examines the current state of the County’s transportation infrastructure, including the roads, bridges, and airport. This document will inform discussions of how and where to invest in the transportation system going forward.

Memo #6: Forecasting Assumptions and Methodology, looks toward the future of Linn County.  It lays out the process for estimating the growth of housing, employment, and traffic volumes throughout the county in 2040.  These results lay the foundation for Memo #7, which will evaluate future transportation conditions and set a path for effective investments.

Let us know your thoughts on these memos though the Contact the Team page.  If we missed something – a great place to bike to, a congested intersection, an unsafe road, a much-needed crosswalk, or anything else – drop a pin on the Comment Map and we’ll be sure to include it in the next phase of the project.

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